Innovation Consultancy
IoT & Electronics Advisory & Designs
State-of-The-Art Tech Projects
Electrical Advisory & Designs

The solutions you need to Innovate and add value to your Business Model



We are an Innovation & Design Tech Consultancy focused to help your company to Innovate in the Value Proposition of your Business Model. Through the application of new Innovation & Project Management Tools and the technological State-of-The-Art in multidisciplinary fields (HW/FW/SW IoT, Electronics, Electrical, Mechanical, Sensors, etc.), we can give you the mechanisms to evolve your products to create new vertical Smart solutions and help you in the ideation, definition, prototyping, testing and industrialization phases.


Innovation Tools

Innovation Systems, Measure Innovation, Design Thinking, Lean Design, Value Proposal, Business Canvas, etc.

Project Management

Project Management Tools, Project Operations, Integration Tech. Projects, Multidispliciplinary & Multicultural Projects, Teams Management.

R+D Innovation & Technical Funding Advisory
Definition, preparation, execution, follow-up and documentation of technical funding projects (CDTi, European Commission Programs, etc.).
IoT Projects & Designs

Advisory & Outsourcing State-of-the-Art HW/FW/SW Transversal IoT Solutions.
RF HW Customization.
RF FW stacks.
R+D Electronics-Electrical Projects & Designs

Advisory & Outsourcing State-of-the-Art HW/FW/SW Electronics Projects.

Analog HW.
uC Embedded Controls.
New Electrical Solutions.
Industrialization & Operations
Advisory on Testing & Industrialization Processes & Solutions.
Development of Test Benches.
Supply Chain Advisory.
Supply Chain Partnership Advisory & Evaluation.
Advisory on Codes & Standards

RED Directive.
Other Directives. Harmonized product standards advisory & certification support.
Lab. EMC Advisory & Certification support.
Lab. Security Advisory & Certification support.
IP advisory.

Tech. Knowledge Transfer

Technical Documentation (Memories, drawings, etc.)
Talent Management.