We are focused on helping companies to innovate by defining, developing, industrializing and/or managing the value chain of new value-added products for emerging or high-value sectors. And helping companies to iterate their Business Models by ofering new Smart applications.

Vertical Markets

Electrical Market

Electromobility: Electrial Vehicle,
EV Chargers (sensors, comms., etc.)
Smart Electrical Devices.
Smart Electrical Protectors.

Smart Industry

New Industry 4.0 devices & solutions.
AI Sensors & Edge Applications.
Vision & AR.

Smart Energy

Smart devices for Energy Efficiency.
Smart lightning controls.
Smart Sensors.
Edge & Cloud Solutions.

Smart Cities

Smart Sensors.
Smart Mobility.
Artificial Vision.
Edge & Cloud Solutions.

Smart Building

Smart Home Sensors & Edge-Cloud Solutions.
Smart Environmental Controls.
Smart IoT Embedded Building Nodes.
Smart Public Works Wireless Sensors.

Smart Agriculture

Wireless Sensors.
IoT Networks.
Energy Harvesting Solutions.
Smart Urban Gardens.
Smart Farms.

Smart Health - eHealth

New sustainable Business Models Research.
Smart & Advanced Wearables.
Flexible Electronics.
Smart Ageing.
mHealth Systems.


Advanced Electronics.


Specialized Electronics & Supply-Chain management.

Predictive Maintenance

New Markets Research